Sovella - Human Workspace

We design and manufacture ergonomic industrial furniture such as work tables and work benches, shelving and cabinets, drawer units, manual assembly lines for various industries, homes and public buildings.

Sovella's 3D Design Tool
Now updated to include even more Sovella product options!
Sovella’s 3D Design Tool allows users to configure a workstation from multiple work station platforms. Once the user’s platform is determined, the 3D Design Tool will walk them through the process of building a work station designed specifically for their application. Users have the ability to choose from a variety of upright options, add accessories, lighting, power, etc, all while watching their work station take form on their screen. Once complete, a parts list and drawing will be sent to the user by email.

Sovella has recently expanded the 3D Design Tool’s abilities by adding even more Sovella product options, including our newest products and additional sizes. Users can now customize their work station with Sovella LED lighting, trolleys, cabinets, and additional upright heights. With the new update, accessories can now be placed in more places on their work station.

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